Domestic violence, witness intimidation and human trafficking impact more than 22 million Americans every year.

Since the advent of the phrase “snitches wear stitches,” the safety of high-risk witnesses has been in decline, due to violent intimidation tactics intended to discourage speaking up and their participation in the organizational structures designed to keep them safe: law enforcement and the justice system. 

For our public sector customers, Nexion Solutions offers a solution that supports prosecutors and law enforcement with additional evidentiary support, and an increased safety net that protects victims and witnesses. At the touch of a button, users can be connected to a dedicated emergency response team 24/7, wherever they are located, using our smart personal security ecosystem: NightWatch, NightAccess and NightWeb.

“Intimidation of victims and witnesses undermines the functioning of the justice system by denying critical evidence to police and prosecutors. This long-standing problem also erodes confidence in the government’s ability to protect citizens.”
– National Institute of Justice

The Cost Of Domestic Violence

The cost of intimate partner violence exceeds $12 billion per year.
On a typical day, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide.
On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million people.

Solution Results-to-Date

Emma’s Story: A Police Rescue

Standing with Survivors at the Heart of Domestic Violence

As a young woman in an abusive relationship, Emma found herself in a violent altercation one morning – which led to her kidnapping. But the week prior, Emma had been provided with a NightWatch. Watch the video to hear her story and how law enforcement, victim services and the judiciary came together.

“We haven’t been able to protect high-risk witnesses in the past. Not until NightWatch.”

William J. LipscombFormer Assistant Attorney General, Wisconsin

“This particular technology provides evidence of what happened,
in a way we’ve never received before.”

Kent LovernChief Deputy District Attorney, Milwaukee County
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