Eight in 10 healthcare workers report they have experienced at least one type of workplace violence. In fact, workers in healthcare make up 50% of all workplace assaults. This costs the United States $151 billion each year.

For our healthcare customers, Nexion Solutions offers an increased safety net that protects employees. At the touch of a button, healthcare workers can be connected to a dedicated emergency response team 24/7, wherever they are located, using our smart personal security ecosystem: NightWatch, NightAccess and NightWeb. 

The Cost Of  Violence In Healthcare

73% of all nonfatal workplace violence-related injuries and illnesses are sustained by those who work in places and spaces of healthcare in facilities or in homes.
Each incident of workplace violence costs healthcare systems at least $100,000 per incident.
Just a one percent increase in staffing turnover can cost a healthcare organization an additional $380,000 per year.

Solution Results-to-Date

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