Nexion Solutions Joins Samsung (Booth #3117) and FirstNet (Booth #3739) to Offer Robust Public Safety Solution

The toll of domestic violence is too high, with a price tag of close to $12 billion annually. It also represents the most dangerous – and lethal – situations for law enforcement.

NightWatch is a first of its kind technology solution designed to

  • Decrease injury and death among domestic violence survivors

  • Increase police safety in responding to crisis events

  • Enhance evidentiary support available to the judiciary in prosecuting those cases

Delivering results for victims and law enforcement; improving community safety.

Since launching in 2023, significant results demonstrate the impact this solution has on victims, law enforcement and first responders – saving lives, time and expensive costs for communities.

Emma’s Story: A Police Rescue

Standing with Survivors at the Heart of Domestic Violence

This is Emma’s story, but it’s also unfortunately much too common. As a young woman in an abusive relationship, Emma found herself in a violent altercation one morning – which led to her kidnapping.

But the week prior, Emma had been provided with a NightWatch emergency response device, which allowed her to press a button to get help. Watch the video to hear her story and how law enforcement and victim services organizations worked together to rescue her.

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“This particular technology provides evidence of what happened,
in a way we’ve never received before.”

Kent LovernChief Deputy District Attorney, Milwaukee County

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