Our Mission

Nexion Solutions specializes in protecting people who are in harmful situations or spaces of potential violence. Our proprietary ecosystem is the first smart personal security solution built to empower and protect individuals at a higher risk for violence. We do this by harnessing the power of safety systems (security, law enforcement, government) and bringing them together to deliver a better-informed emergency response based on individual crisis events. Our mission is to prevent the escalation of violence and recurring revictimization by creating safer spaces for people to live and work.

Our solution is built on proprietary emergency response technology, designed specifically with those at highest risk for violence, law enforcement, emergency response teams, and justice departments in mind.

Who We Are

Nexion Solutions was founded by a group of passionate professionals, with deep experience in emergency response, government, technology and operational excellence.

We are proud to be a woman-owned and operated company.

A Message from the Founder

As the founder of Nexion Solutions, I’m driven by two goals: 1) to build a world-class, global technology company that addresses community and family violence at a grassroots level, and 2) to redefine the way we protect survivors of violence while better supporting the organizations that serve and protect them.

We live in a world where it frequently feels like violence gets the last word. Where numbers paint a staggering picture with respect to lost lives and associated costs that are simply too high:

  • Domestic violence, witness intimidation and human trafficking impact more than 22 million Americans every year.
  • Every time we lose someone to violence, It costs municipalities approximately $52K in court and law enforcement expenses.
  • Domestic violence costs exceed $12 billion for our communities every year in the United States.
  • Beyond direct costs, when community violence remains unchecked, property and home values decline.

I stand in solidarity with the millions of families impacted by the loss of a loved one to violence every year. The above are not just numbers to me – they are deeply personal.

After our family lost my sister to domestic violence in 2007, I spent the better part of a decade working with domestic violence prevention organizations and the District Attorney’s Office in Milwaukee. And what I learned from that experience is this: violence never gets the last word.

I know this, because I have met survivors and witnesses who redefined the word bravery for me. I’ve worked alongside advocates who get up every day to be a source of hope in the midst of what many would call the most hopeless of places. I’ve worked with law enforcement and prosecutors who are passionate about creating safer communities for the people they are sworn to serve and protect.

So how do we use technology to address violence?

  • We leverage established, mettle-tested solutions to protect survivors and witnesses on an individual and family level.
  • We bring new platforms for survivor and witness engagement to victim service organizations.
  • We provide new channels for evidence gathering and evidentiary support.

In spaces and places where technology is so often used as a weapon, this allows us to flip that notion on its head… and use it to protect those most vulnerable to violence.

The wide-sweeping ramifications of that impacts us all: we decrease personal and community tax burdens, we increase neighborhood stability and we create new channels for security growth and expansion.

What would the world look like, if we refuse to accept violence as a standard?

We intend to find out.

Liz Kohler

Liz Kohler
Founder, CEO
Nexion Solutions

For the safety of our end users, we password protect certain details about our solution. Please complete the form to gain access to solution specifications or for more information about Nexion Solutions and NightWatch.